Scared But Manly

Woman Scandalized to Learn Snapchat AI is a Trans Ally

As anti-trans laws and ploys to rob trans kids and adults from gender-affirming care keep popping up around the country, it can feel like trans folks are being left out in the cold. And that’s because it’s 100% true: if, in states like Florida, Texas, and Montana, doctors can face fines for simply administering care to trans patients, it doesn’t bode well for the rest of us.

But at least there’s someone out there who cares: Snapchat’s AI chatbot.

You heard me: in a world growing increasingly hostile to the concept of trans people existing, Snapchat AI bot has our backs. And I only know this because a Babylon Bee writer is mad about it.

This morning, Bee staffer and New York Young Republican Ashley St. Clair sent out an alarmist tweet claiming that the Snapchat AI bot was helping match her with gender-affirming care. Which is 100% true: not only did the bot take St. Clair’s questions seriously, it did a better job at the “coming out” talk than my parents or the parents of literally everyone I know.

Which, to the right, is of course terrifying. It’s fine for AI bots like Chat GPT to knuckle down on transphobic, conservative values. But the minute they start actually connecting trans youth with life-saving care? That’s when we really need to worry, apparently.

In taking St. Clair to task—both for her hilariously blunt questions and resultant outrage—users were quick to point out that Snapchat’s AI feature was essentially functioning the same as Google. And kids younger than 13—the minimum age for a Snapchat signup—can access that.

The AI also did a pretty thorough and responsible job of helping a gender-questioning individual—albeit a fake one—find resources and information about their gender journey. The horror!

It’s almost as if conservatives are only happy when bots turn instantly transphobic and racist, as in the case of the 2016 Tay Tweets catastrophe.

Let’s also remember that it’s totally normal for a 30 year old cis woman to pretend to be an adolescent trans boy—just an utterly average and normal activity, nothing to see here. Just a normal, scared but manly trans boy on the Internet. Seriously!

Forget it, Jake. It’s Snapchat AI.

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