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Wonder Woman Actress Lynda Carter Says “Queer And Trans Rights” With Viral Tweet

· Updated on March 23, 2023

Wonder Woman has entered the Pride chat. The O.G. on-screen Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, had to remind everyone that the Princess of Themyscira is an LGBTQ icon. 

Wonder Woman is one of DC’s staple superheroes. With two comic origin stories, one detailing her as molded from clay and raised by the queen of the Amazons and the other portraying her as the child of the Amazonian queen and the Greek god Zeus, she’s canonically known as queer in the comics. The establishment of her first queer relationship was featured in Dark Knights of Steel, which reimagines the DC superheroes within medieval times.

Even the creators of Wonder Woman come from queer origins. The polyamorous triad, consisting of Dr. William Moulton Marston, Elizabeth Holloway Marston, and Olive Byrne, brought to life the famous comic book character – with Elizabeth and Olive being the inspiration behind the character.

Decades later, Carter brought Wonder Woman to life on TV screens in a self-tited show during the 70s and inspired a generation of queer and trans people. And while on-screen versions haven’t explicitly highlighted her queerness, the LGBTQ representation in her interpretation is still there. Others were quick to point this out.

And many celebrated Carter’s tweet.

Wonder Woman will always be an LGBTQ icon.

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