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A Certain “Ally” is Being Dragged By Trans Twitter. Here’s Why.

· Updated on March 23, 2023

The Internet is a strange place to live, and yet I live there and so do all my friends. Honestly, where else are we supposed to live? This country hates trans people and is also on fire.

It’s also where we consistently get bullied, harassed, and harangued for speaking out against our own genocide. Sometimes, even the folks who call themselves allies are part of this painful cycle.

Exhibit A: Brianna Wu, a longtime trans Twitter staple who recently stepped in sh*t for implying that trans folks should “prove” dysphoria in order to fight Republican hatred and harassment.

It all started when Wu claimed that trans folks aren’t putting out “consistent messaging” in our fight against the right.

Trans folks clapped back against the since-deleted statement in full force, because duh. Adhering to respectability politics is never the way to stop a genocide. And the blame should never be placed on the community under attack.

People were not happy to be told that their “messaging”—i.e. literally begging for people to respect trans lives—wasn’t “working.”

Wu suggested that we stick to the transition protocol that’s been in place since the 50s…and if you don’t see a problem with that, maybe think about how long ago the 50s were.

Gatekeeping was the thing then, and it’s still very much the thing now: no one should ever have to “prove” their transness. Not to doctors, not to right-wing trolls, not to anyone.

It didn’t take long for people to start wondering whether Wu, a self-styled ally, is actually trans.

And allegedly…

And before you start thinking to yourself…wait a minute, are we dragging a woman of color? Should we maybe think a little more carefully about taking allies of color to task even if they’re saying some really reckless sh*t? Well…

In addition to possibly not being trans and yet speaking (irresponsibly, while citing TERF talking points) on trans issues, Wu is, apparently a white woman. Who is now advocating for stronger gatekeeping when it comes to transition. Even if Wu is trans, it’s not cool to place the blame for trans genocide on trans people. That’s a big ol’ no no!

As usual, it bears repeating: don’t f*ck with the trans community, and we won’t f*ck with you. We’re too busy literally fighting for our lives.

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