Andrew Tate claimed that straight sex is gay, and people have thoughts

Fellas, is it gay to have sex with a woman? If you’re asking manosphere influencer Andrew Tate, the answer is yes—men who enjoy straight sex purely for pleasure are actually gay.

The self-proclaimed misogynist—who is reportedly detained in Romania while facing charges of rape, human trafficking and forming a criminal group for sexual exploitation—is once again busy tweeting homophobic nonsense instead of preparing his defense for a serious criminal indictment.

“Sex is for making children,” Tate recently wrote on X/Twitter, one of the few social media accounts that (thanks to Elon Musk) he is not currently banned from. “Any man who has sex with women because it ‘feels good’ is gay.

“Oh my pee pee feels good this is great! In fact if you are 40 with less than 5 children you’re probably gay. All that feel-good pee pee sex and hardly any genetic legacy?”

No one really had to ridicule Tate for this statement—the logic here, or lack thereof, makes fun of itself. But that didn’t stop the internet from raking Tate over coals for this insane post.

First off, the tweet received a hilarious fact check from users, letting readers know that “having sex with women is straight.” Good to know. Others pointed out that Tate, who claims to have dozens of children no one has ever seen, is apparently gay by his own standards. For the record: we don’t and never will claim him.

And then there’s the irony that this man, who presents himself as some kind of masculinity and business guru, actually used the phrase “pee pee sex.”

Podcaster Matt Bernstein accused Tate of killing satire by becoming its living and breathing embodiment.

Following the ridicule, Tate indicated that the post was meant as a joke. When one user replied, “The fact some people take posts like this dead ass seriously and clutch pearls over them for days on end is precisely why they’re amusing,” Tate responded with a laughing emoji.

What he thinks the joke is remains unclear. From where we’re all standing, it seems to be Andrew Tate.

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