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Anti-queer ‘One Million Moms’ group loses its minds over sweet ad with same-sex couple

The misleadingly named Christian hate group One Million Moms is attempting to encourage its followers to boycott dating platform eHarmony.

What sin has eHarmony committed to prompt this evangelical backlash? It featured a same-sex couple in an advert.

The commercial in question actually first appeared on YouTube around a year ago, but has recently been popping up on streaming platforms such as Hulu. You can watch it below.

Cute, right?

“Brainwashes children and adults”

One Million Moms is an offshoot of the right-wing hate group, American Family Association. Its other recent campaigns include the Barbie movie, as it included a trans actor, Hari Nef. It also complained about a Gucci campaign featuring actor Elliot Page as part of a polyamorous throuple with A$AP Rocky and actress Julia Garner (“Gucci must seriously consider how immoral advertising affects our nation’s youth,” a group spokesperson whined).

Its leader is a woman named Monica Cole. She wrote an email to the group’s followers, which has also been printed on the organization’s website.

“Currently, eHarmony is marketing its online dating site (eHarmony.com) through an LGBTQ-inclusive commercial. The ad promotes its services with a gay pride commercial featuring the theme, ‘Get Who Gets You – Scooter.'” Cole wrote. “The commercial attempts to normalize and glorify the LGBTQ lifestyle by featuring a homosexual couple hugged up, one behind the other.”

Still don’t see any issues here.

“In this ad, the man driving the scooter puts his arms around his boyfriend to steer the handlebars. They are cheek-to-cheek while taking a joyride on the scooter,” Cole addd. “The commercial finishes with the guy in front having his arms out like he is flying, having his own Titanic movie-inspired moment.”

Again, where is the problem?

“This eharmony ad brainwashes children and adults by desensitizing them and convincing them that homosexuality is natural, when, in reality, it is an unnatural love that is forbidden by Scripture,” Cole continued. “Yet, this commercial is airing on various channels that families often watch. It also targets families with the liberal LGBTQ agenda during prime viewing hours. Therefore, One Million Moms will continue to stand up for biblical truth. Homosexuality is unnatural and immoral. Romans 1:26-27 makes this very clear.”

One Million Moms urged its followers to sign a petition to register their outrage. At the time of writing, the petition had attracted a whopping 10 signatures.

eHarmony must be quaking.

One Millions Moms website screenshot showing dismal petition rate

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