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Chris Colfer Has Been Traumatized Enough, Thank You Very Much

· Updated on March 23, 2023

As we all know too well by now, being in the cast of “Glee” was a pretty overwhelmingly traumatic time for everyone involved. Even for those cast members who haven’t met a tragic, early end, it’s been a difficult road. Cast members have spoken out in recent years about being overworked, badly treated, and—for cast members of color—victims of alleged racist abuse from one Lea Michele, now the star of “Funny Girl” on Broadway.

Suffice it to say there doesn’t seem to be too much love in the room for Michele at the moment, with good reason. Today, at least one “Glee” cast member has declared that he will under no circumstances be seeing “Funny Girl.”

Chris Colfer, who played the openly-gay Kurt Hummel on “Glee,” was recently asked whether he’d join comic and talk show host Michelle Collins for a Broadway night out on the latter’s show, to which he responded that if the Broadway show in question was “Funny Girl,” absolutely the f*ck not.

“Oh, no, are you seeing “Funny Girl”?” Colfer followed up. When Collins admitted she was, Colfer simply said: “Oh. My day suddenly just got so full.”

But there was more shade to come.

When Collins pressed the issue, asking Colfer if he’d be catching the show while in New York, Colfer replied that he can “be triggered at home.”

Which absolutely says it all. Let’s not forget that he had to put up with the Lea Michele-ification of “Papa Can You Hear Me” in Season 2.

Leave the man alone: he’s had enough Rachel Berry for a lifetime.

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