Hung Jury

Conservatives are just finding out Biden’s brother is hung

You’d think that in the year of our lord Beyoncé 2023, it wouldn’t come as a shock to people to find out that a political figure has a sexy family member. But surprise! People are dumb!

That’s why conservatives are desperately trying to leverage the fact of President Joe Biden’s brother Frank’s assets into a full-blown smear campaign. Thankfully, it’s not working. After someone unearthed a profile pic of Frank Biden packing heat in a dating app photo worthy of Grindr, everyone was quick to get their panties in a twist over the revealing photo.

But there’s just one problem. No one cares!

Like…why do we care?

Are there not…bigger things to worry about than Frank Biden’s massive shlong?

Meanwhile, libs are asking the REAL questions…

This is truly a day of revelations.

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