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This German Ad is Probably the Worst Thing You’ll See All Day

· Updated on March 23, 2023

Today, in the department of “who on Earth asked for this?” we’re weaving you a tale from the far reaches of Germany, where an incredibly tone-deaf new ad for *checks notes* THE POLICE is making the rounds. And not in a good way.

Yesterday, a German user on Twitter who goes by Anna Sorokin (i.e. the “fake German heiress” at the center of the Shonda Rhimes show Inventing Anna) posted this disturbing image alongside a caption which, translated, reads: “i lie on the floor laughing and screaming and question my entire life.”

And after seeing this monstrosity of an ad for…the police…we totally get it. We, too, are screaming, crying, and wanting to die. Because why? Just why???

Why would the police need an advertisement? Why promote the quite obviously false claim that all cops are (and I can’t even type this with a straight face) beautiful? Why pervert the acronym ACAB this way?

Simple. Because in a world where we’re questioning and examining the (historically racist, violent) role of police in public service, copaganda is the obvious retort.

There’s just one problem. Nobody is buying what they’re selling. Like…nobody.

I mean, it would be funny if cops weren’t historically responsible for obscene violence against people of color and other minorities. And like…can we remember that it’s GERMANY we’re talking about? Yeah they’ve absolutely never had a problem with totalitarian rule. Not that I can recall!

What is this country? It’s called Germany, and it’s clearly not doing ok.

Just an absolutely normal day to be German.

Perhaps there is one benefit to this absurdity…

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