What the Hell is Pronoun Water?

Let’s go on a ridiculous journey together. A few days ago, the transsexual internet was besieged by a press release that came straight from hell. Writer Katelyn Burns was among the first to report on this bizarre new… product? 

The comments, naturally, went crazy. What the hell is Pronoun Water, and why? Everyone wanted to know.

Apparently, Pronoun Water is an actual, real company that launched a few days ago and sells water bottles displaying pronouns on them. That’s it! The website explains that “this water bottle is perfect for those who want to share their pronouns with pride! 🏳️‍⚧️” The water bottles also provide an explanation of what pronouns are (LOL) on the back, proving that they’re 100% not actually for or about trans people and never were. Once everyone’s basic “what the hell” questions were finally answered, it was time for the Dragging:

Trans activist and icon Gwendolyn Smith told it like it is:

User @JewelKnightJess gave us a peek into the Pronoun Water boardroom:

Dr. Nick Gordon pointed out that there might be a better avenue for TeePublic merch bespoke trans items:

Someone pointed out that the founder of Pronoun Water is actually a trans woman, which simultaneously makes the situation better and worse (if you’re trans, you just know.)

User @HELLBREAKFAST, however, explained that just because a CEO is trans doesn’t mean they’re in it for the right reasons, or above reproach, or exempt from the capitalist machinations of modern commerce.

False allyship truly knows no bounds, and also has absolutely no dignity. But we knew that already, didn’t we?

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