John Cleese Has Officially Gone Over to the Dark Side

· Updated on March 23, 2023

John Cleese, a once-beloved member of the iconic comedy sextet “Monty Python,” has been showing signs of Roganism for some time now. Today, the transformation is complete, as right-wing outlet GB News announces Cleese’s grand return to television by way of a new talk show with conservative “free speech advocate” Andrew Doyle. Its theme? “Cancel culture.”

Now if you know anything at all, you probably can tell that the phrases “cancel culture” and “wokeism” are dog whistles for right-wing pundits eager to point out how a changing culture is becoming toxic for people who used to make a living telling “my wife” jokes. Which Cleese is no stranger to: awhile back, Cleese framed his entire standup act around his expensive divorce from his third wife. And something tells us the jokes won’t be any fresher on the comic’s upcoming GB News show, in which he’ll act as commentator and presenter.

Obviously, it doesn’t bode well for fans of Cleese’s earlier work.

Including fellow Python Eric Idle, who has managed to remain a lovely person.

And even including…a past version of Cleese himself.

Let’s just pretend he’s been MIA since A Fish Called Wanda.

In terms of what we can expect from Cleese’s new show, well, this tweet sums it up perfectly:

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