Does Joshua Bassett Support an Anti-Gay Church?

Back in 2021, “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” star Joshua Bassett had an awkward coming-out that resulted in a lot of gossip, a lot of drama, and ultimately wholehearted excitement from the queer community.

Today, the actor and singer is trying to set the record straight about his involvement with Bethel Church, a “charismatic” California church that openly supports conversation therapy for LGBTQ+ congregants.

After posting a video of his own baptism at Bethel, Bassett took some heat from detractors, explaining that his heart is with “Christ and Christ alone” rather than the church’s anti-gay teachings.

But is it that easy to separate the two? For many fans, the answer is a resounding “no.”

For the most part, people have questions. A lot of questions.

Bassett left the same comment on his pre-baptism IG post:


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Overall, fans are worried.

And confused.

We’re feeling all the emotions, honestly.

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