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People are Noticing Something Really Damning About the “Total Drama Island” Revival

· Updated on March 23, 2023

If you were a kid or teen in 2007, you probably have fond memories of the beloved Canadian cartoon “Total Drama Island,” an animated series concerning a fictional “Survivor”-type reality show where quirky contestants—i.e. teenagers spending an unfortunate summer at Camp Wawanakwa—risk life and limb only to have the grand prize money eaten by a shark at the end.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, the beloved favorite is being revived, while keeping the show’s original animation style intact for what one assumes are nostalgia reasons.

But fans of the original show are noticing something incredibly not okay about the revival’s animation style for some of the new characters.

In the past— unfortunately, the very recent past- it wasn’t uncommon for kids shows (as well as adult animated content) to lean into racist tropes when it came to illustrating characters of color. And clearly, in the case of “Total Drama Island,” we’re still dealing with those racist interpretations.

Fans of the original show are pointing out that this was a problem in the show’s spinoff “The Ridonculous Race” as well: sisters Kitty and Emma were also illustrated with distinctly yellow skin tones.

This is really bad. Like, extremely sh*tty. How, in the year of our lord 2022, do people still think this is ok?

But if there’s one thing the Internet is good at, it’s clapping the hell back at offensive crap like this. No sooner did someone tweet out the new images for the reboot than Asian artists started sharing their own work on the thread. And needless to say, all of it blows the new “Total Drama Island” character design out of the water.

10000% would watch a show about these dudes:

Let’s hope the folks behind the “Total Drama Island” reboot take these notes and do something about it.

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