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People are Being Stupid Over Pronouns…Again

145 years late as usual, the New York Times decided to publish an Op-Ed yesterday by writer John McWhorter embracing the use of the singular “they” pronoun. While McWhorter, a linguistics professor who runs a popular Substack, explains that he embraces plural pronouns, some writers found themselves upset by the mere premise of they/them pronouns becoming more common. 

Those people, obviously, don’t have a lot of queer, trans, or nonbinary people in their lives. And it shows!

Writer Joyce Carol Oates felt the need to weigh in on the subject by explaining that…they/them pronouns aren’t “clear” enough to become popular? 

First off all, who the fuck asked you, Joyce? Also: 

I’ll just leave this right here.

It just isn’t that hard, y’all!


It’s pretty simple and basic.

The future is already here. You can embrace it, or you can keep pretending that progress doesn’t exist.

Let’s be honest.

The last word on the subject.

xoxo, everyone who has been using they/them pronouns for decades.

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