Ron DeSantis Really Just Filed a Complaint Against a Drag Bar

· Updated on March 23, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has so much he could be doing with his time. He could be focusing on preparing citizens for a dramatic loss of coastline due to climate change, or on fixing the income-to-debt ratio in his state. He could be focusing on creating housing for unhoused citizens–currently the state’s unhoused population is the 3rd highest in the nation

But what’s DeSantis focusing on instead? Drag brunches. That’s correct: this week, the Florida governor filed a formal complaint against R. House, a Miami drag bar that offers a drag brunch on weekends. Because why not, right? It’s not as if there are any important infrastructure issues Florida is currently dealing with!

Even more absurd is the fact that DeSantis cited a 1947 law to proclaim R. House a “public nuisance.” As poster Erin Reed explains, this kind of thinking provides an easy loophole into calling all drag performers and trans folks a “nuisance” legally. Which is, you know, dangerous, especially in a state that’s spent the better part of 2022 attacking its trans citizens. You’d think it would matter that in 1947, it was still illegal for citizens to wear clothes “belonging to the opposite sex.” It’s not illegal any longer, but Florida seems invested in changing that. The move has plenty of folks wondering what’s next.

This isn’t DeSantis’s only axe to grind with liberal culture: he also finds money transfer apps like PayPal too “woke” for his taste. Which, again…aren’t there other problems you should be dealing with in your state, Ron?

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