The Internet asks: is this woman’s husband gay, or just Southern?

You wouldn’t think that the shared TikTok of a married couple would be making the rounds on Gay Twitter, but here we are.

Jett and Campbell Puckett are, by most accounts, a sweet married couple posting about their lives on TikTok. But earlier this year, when they posted a video recounting their relationship origin story, one comment stood out among all the others.

The comment in question?

Now it’s not exactly unheard of for a gay—or bisexual, or pansexual—person to wind up in a straight-seeming relationship. But that’s not the question here. Why, readers wanted to know, was this commenter claiming with such brazen certainty that Jett was batting for the other team?

Well, it might have had something to do with Jett’s Southern accent. One user tried to break it down by claiming that Jett is a “y’all sexual”, a straight man with a flamboyant demeanor. Honestly, sounds a lot like “metrosexual,” but whatever. Sure.

Now everyone is losing it over the video, the comment, and the explanation.

A certain flamboyance? Surely the gays don’t have a monopoly on that!

Can we just say that all Southerners have a little of that fruit in them?

Southern masculinity is COMPLEX, people!

But perhaps this commenter—the always fantastic de-influencer Depressiondotgov—said it best:

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