Twitter Has Started Blocking Queer Creators for No Reason

Last week, we wrote about how Twitter is actively platforming (and promoting) anti-trans hashtags. Today, the rapidly-deteriorating app seems to have taken things one step further by actually banning queer creators. The reason? “Violating Twitter’s spam policy.”

It’s not just queer people either: the spam bot filter seems to be targeting accounts that tweet more than two or three times a day.

But not all accounts who post consistently. Just the ones with politics that don’t seem to line up with Elon Musk’s own.

Which means not only queer people, but folks who happen to simply mention the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Needless to say, the girls are pissed. And by “the girls” I mean…everyone.

Of course it’s no surprise: nor are the other aspects of the site’s poor functionality, including the completely meaningless “for you” page, and the near-total inability to see your friend’s tweets anymore.

I guess we really can’t have nice things.

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