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Viral Video Shows What Straight Men do to Avoid Being Seen as “Gay”

A video on TikTok has racked up over 27 million views in just four days. It takes a humorous look at the ridiculous and exhausting lengths one “dude” goes to in order to avoid being perceived as gay.

Posted by TikTok user @eightsixokris, the video shows him going to eat a banana. As he places it toward his mouth, a loud voice shouts “gay”. He re-thinks and instead cuts the banana up and forks it into his mouth.

Further scenarios follow, including crossing his legs, performing squats, brushing his teeth (!), and lying face down on a bed with his legs apart.

The video arrives at a topical time. This week, right-wing trolls have questioned the sexuality of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau because he dared to wear pink to go see the Barbie movie.

A few years ago, it emerged via Reddit (mainly thanks to concerned girlfriends), that some straight men did not like to wash their butt as it felt kinda “gay” to touch themselves down there, or, heaven forbid, go near their own bootyhole.

So, although the video is funny, it does reveal the measures some men—gay, straight, bi or queer—take in order to make sure they’re perceived as hetero.

People are shocked

At the time of writing, the video has prompted almost 40,000 comments.

One well-liked comment (“And who made it like this…?”) pointed out the obvious: Straight men and their fears of queerness can take the blame for this state of play. In fact, many of the commentators reiterated this point.

Another comment summed up what many guys were probably thinking.

“The sleeping position is the only one that will catch me lacking.”

Others expressed similar horror that facing one’s bed mattress, legs slightly apart, is now considered gay.

Another man earned 48k likes stating, “idc that sleeping position is comfy as hell.”

However, one person—and we’re not sure if they were being serious—appeared to agree with the bed switch.

“I be changing my sleeping position cuz what if someone break in while I’m sleep and see something they like 💀”

That comment prompted a storm of incredulous replies.

Many people were flabbergasted that men police themselves in this way.

“Like y’all literally don’t have to live like that…..” said one woman.

“How y’all make a whole prison in your own mind😭😭” said another.

Others urged men to get over their hangups.

“Real men are comfortable with themselves, just be you bro.”

Whatever your thoughts on the video, here’s hoping it makes at least a few dudes question their behavior.

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