Yassification Cannot Be Stopped

Toni Collette. Joe Biden. Mark Zuckerberg. On Twitter, no one is safe … from yassification.

What is yassification, you may ask? It’s when you hit the slay button. It’s when you take your yass pills. It’s when something LGBT happens to you.

No, but actually: yassification is a trend where somebody, usually a celebrity, is glammed up through a filter on the photo editing app FaceApp. It took off with a still of Toni Collette in “Hereditary” — not usually a movie you’d yell “Yass!” at. But admittedly, this before and after is stunning. She’s been yassified.

The yassification of Toni Collette.

From then on, there’s been no stopping the yassification movement, due in no small part to one Twitter account, @yassifybot. Its greatest hits range from politicians…

…to horror icons…

…to beloved characters…

…to whoever else deserves the yassification treatment.

When will the yassification stop?? When the Yassify Bot’s fingers give out, apparently.

But until then, yassification will continue to reign supreme. And don’t lie to yourself — you want in on the action. Go ahead. Download FaceApp. Yassify yourself. But be warned: the effects may be irreversible.

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