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‘The Circle’ Crowns Its First Queer Winner

Reality TV history has been made! Netflix’s The Circle has crowned a new winner, Frank Grimsley. The 28-year old Maryland native’s win marks the first time a member of the LGBTQ community has won the show during its 4 season run. 

Hosted by comedian Michelle Buteau, Netflix’s hit reality TV show isolates players from the rest of the world in apartments with social interaction reduced to online engagement. Via the social media platform, “The Circle”, Players then choose whether to play the game as themselves or take on a persona. Interestingly enough, Grimsley played as himself.

“I wanted to show people that I — as a Black man, as a Black gay man, as a Black plus-size man — that I can go into a game and be popular,” said Grimsley for Us Weekly.

Out of the four seasons, only one winner has not followed this strategy, with season 2’s winner DeLeesa St. Agathe playing as her husband, Trevor. Additionally, there have been LGBTQ competitors, but no wins until now. 

Grimsley, a school social worker, won over other contestants with his savvy social skills, confidence, and great sense of humor. His charisma made him a frontrunner at the start of the competition and soon he became the grand prize winner of $150,000 – the largest prize to date. 

“Throughout the casting process, I kept saying I was gonna win. I said from day one, ‘I’m gonna win this’, said Grimsley for Parade

Grimsley manifesting his win paid off and the internet is loving it.

We love to see it! 

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