All About Yves, Your Tatted New #MCM


“My social media is not really for me. It’s a voice for people who lost theirs.”

There’s a lot you might not know about NY-based model, dancer, and all-around cutie pie Yves (@the_yvesdropper) just from following him on Instagram. That’s why this intimate new visual portrait, shot by photographer and director Harry Eelman (@harryeelman), is everything.

Check out the video for more on how Yves uses his social media as a voice for others, how he expresses pain through dance, and a bunch of other stuff you’d never know just from seeing him in your feed.

Still want more Yves? No problemwe had him fill out a quick INTO questionnaire below.

I’m into: people
I’m inspired by: women/trans women
I’m looking for: opportunities to help people
My motto is: nothing lasts forever
I wake up to: whichever pitbull I’m fostering at the moment, or my lover boy
I’m good at: dancing, eating cucumbers
My happy place is: my parents’ house
I’ve never: been to prison/jail
I’m always: laughing
I admire: the youth
I’m hungry for: sweet potato fries (all the time)
I can’t stand: racism, homophobia, misogyny, sexism, transphobia, pretty much any kind of ignorance
My perfect day is: a day spent laughing my ass off
My greatest love is: my faith
My last meal was: shrimp fried rice
My spirit animal is: a shebra (shark + zebra), so lame and dorky I know but I just can’t pick haha
It hurts when: anyone loses their life, I feel that shit in my soul, whether I knew the person or not, it just makes me hurt
It feels good to: make someone genuinely smile or feel good
I listen to: a lot of hardcore music, a lot of trap music

Photographer and Director - Harry Edelman @harryeelman
Editor - Timothy arnold
Talent - @the_yvesdropper

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