Do You Know ‘Blackout’ Better Than Derrick Barry?

Is the 10th anniversary of Blackout on your radar? Do you want a piece of Miss American Dream since she was 17? Is a Britney trivia game show your idea of heaven on earth? We got you.

To mark the momentous occasion that birthed “It’s Britney, bitch” and so many other Nobel Prize-worthy sentiments 10 years ago today, we had the one and only Derrick Barry come thru for a one-off round of our new trivia game Britney’s Blackout Box (coming never to a store near you).

Does Ms. Barry’s Blackout knowledge match her next-level Britney impersonations? Find out above, and check out our interview below for more on what Brit's iconic fifth album means to the Drag Race Season 8 sweetheart. Why? Because it’s Derrick, bitches.

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