Bisexual Men Exist And Are Dealing with Lots of Stigma

Bisexualmen are always stereotyped as just being gay men who are afraid of coming out of the closet and subsequently erased by society. However, we are here to tell you that they do in fact exist so we’ve gathered a few to share their stories.

In our latest video from INTO, we sit down with a group of bisexual men in London to hear what their experiences are like while living openly as bisexual men, and what different hurdles they must jump everyday when it comes to love and sex.

“Sometimes I don’t want to be the big spoon.” one man shares in the video directed and produced by Lexi Kiddo. But I do want to be the small spoon as well! I can be vulnerable.”

Director/Producer: Lexi Kiddo
DOP/camera: Kostis Fokas
Studio Assistant: Valentina Vasilatou

Matilda Oliver
Marlon Kameka

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