Gay in the 80s: A Conversation

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From Paolo Berberan:

I met Winston on a night out. We bonded because my friend was from Berlin, and he had spent some time there. He was having a drink on his own, and I was immediately intrigued by the tone of his voice.
We then exchanged numbers and maintained a friendship, and I was fascinated by the experiences and stories he subsequently told me about being a gay man in the 1980’s.
Nowadays, Winston enjoys spending most of his time alone, and memories of his younger years are now stored in a box under his bed.
I believe the social political circumstances of the time he grew up in, with the lack of freedom and rights in LGBTQ community, a slight society crisis over his racial identity, and his religious background, have somehow influenced his life’s direction.
I was compelled to tell his story to a younger LGBTQ generation, and how his generation’s strength have influenced and paved the way for a younger one. I was also very interested on representing someone with history, someone out of normal media representation, and someone one might even cross on the street – so many faces we see everyday, so many stories to be told. Everyone is entitled to tell their own story, and this film is a glimpse of Winston’s.

Music by Elijah.

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