Justin Tranter Runs Pop Music

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Justin Tranter runs pop music.

The queer singer-songwriter originally came to fame as the frontman of the glam-rock group Semi Precious Weapons, but has since risen to an even higher power within the music landscape viahis pen.

In the past few years, he’s written the pop anthems that have burned up thecharts, including Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’, while also helping launch the career of Julia Michaels as a pop princesswho has beenhis writing partner for years.

And he’s just getting started.

In this month’s prolific,INTOsits down with the artist to talk about how his queerness has impacted his life, his music and now his future.


Prolific is an exclusive video series spotlighting unique queers around the world who are pioneers in what they do. These game changers are prolific, and these are their stories.

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