Is Drag Misogynistic or is It Just Drag Queens?

Sup, sluts.

For our next installment of Food 4 Thot, we shake things up a bit. We get tons of topics submitted for suggestion everyday from our fans, so this week, we take on five.

First off drag. Why is drag problematic and when can it be great? Then, HIV/AIDS how does access to healthcare and human rights a problem for people living with the virus? How can you, if you don’t have HIV, work to destigmatize this global epidemic? How can you have unprotected sex safely, and with whom? Next we we talk about whiteness. We get tons of emails from folx who say, “I’m white, help! What do I do now!?” Truly, we cannot help you. But! We have a few pointers to at least guide you on your journey in interacting with people of color on a daily basis. Then, we talk about queer intellectualism and how polarizing it is. (“Am I not smart enough to be queer??”) And finally, we talk about ghosting. When is it ethical? Is it ever ethical? Spoiler: Yes.

Play along with us on our new favorite game: Microbrew or Gay Porn? The game is exactly what it sounds like. Also, in our Impure Thot story this week, we have a special guest: you! We read through 60 pages of absolutely salacious slutty stories from our very own fans, and they are truly disgusting.

Come on over, come on over baby. Tune in!

Xx The Thots

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