Kiss My Astro: Your August Horoscope

This August is serving us YAFGO* in abundance. Mars, planet of “let me get some of that right now” is moving retrograde till the end of the month. Mars retrograde is a time when everyone’s drive (sex drive, drive to get out of bed in the morning, etc.) has been slowed way down—or if you try to plunge ahead into something new, there may be all kinds of unforeseen obstacles. There’s also a good chance past lovers and friends you’ve fallen out with will be popping up again to see if there’s sparks to be kindled or amends to be made. There’s also another eclipse on the 11th, offering a chance to see your life through new eyes, and finally a lovely aspect between Jupiter (planet of abundance, joy, and excess) and Neptune (planet of false eyelashes, sequins, and romantic quests). Let that sweet and sparkly energy give you the patience to handle whatever frustrations arise. Good luck out there!
*Yet Another F’ing Growth Opportunity
The slow energy of this month will be especially hard for you, as there’s something you really want right now that you’re having a hard time either getting or totally walking away from. What are your other options? Take a little extra time to think about what’s most important to you in this scenario, and other ways you could get your needs met. Above all, don’t give in to impatience or competitive behavior—you don’t need to prove yourself or put anyone else down to get the kind of attention that’s worth having.
Slow is beautiful for you, and the energy of this month is perfectly paced for the last month of summer when you want to savor all the sweetness that’s still lingering in the air. This is a gorgeous time to reinvest in all the connections that help you feel seen, understood, and appreciated. You’re in a new phase of maturity that’s making you think about partnership differently, and you may discover that you’re ready for something you didn’t think you would be so soon. Ask for what you need, and trust that good things are on the way.
This month brings you an eagle-eye perspective on all the twisty and knotted paths you’ve been taking in your relationships. Miscommunications, crossed signals, and cycles of heartbreak all become clear from this distance. This is a beautiful vantage point from which to catch your breath and plot your course forward. Remember that where you are now felt out of reach a year ago—imagine where you can be a year from now if you keep a clear view of your goals.
Repeat after me: “Honey, that’s your problem, not mine.” You’ve got 99 problems right now, but really 98 of those aren’t yours and you have permission from the stars to give them back to their rightful owners. This is a month for you to get some well-deserved R & R. If you’re inviting anyone back to the sanctuary of your home, make sure they leave the drama at the door.
What a wild year it’s been! Since last August, you’ve lived a few lifetimes. This month brings the second-to-last eclipse in your sign (the last will be in January), so you’re nearing the end of a major cycle of transformation. What have you outgrown? Where have you had to cut ties? What’s come into your life that you never expected? Take some time to marvel at what you’ve been through, and have faith that the next six months will help you get where you’re trying to go.
Last month was a non-stop carnival of adventure; this month will slow your merry-go-round down. The good news is you’ll appreciate the rest, the bad news is there’s nothing in particular to work on or solve right now. Self-improvement or making lists of ideal traits in your ideal partner are fine activities, but it’s too early to start something new and you’ve still got to catch your breath from the last few months. Let things be slow, unsettled, and easy right now. Let yourself be curious about what comes next without giving in to impatience or anxiety. You get to be specific about what you want; it’s fine to wait for what feels right.
Dolce far niente—how sweet it is to do nothing! This month asks you to ditch the stress and savor the sweetness, wherever and whenever you can. With Venus moving into your sign on the 6th, this is a time to bring a little more light, joy, and even decadence into your daily life. Soothe the parts of your heart that feel frazzled or unloved, and find those connections that can help you stabilize into this slower, sweeter pace of life.
How close to the surface is your inner diva? This is your month there’s a part of you that’s ready to strut, but the rest of you is suspicious of that part. Scorpio energy is always tracking what could go wrong, and making yourself publicly vulnerable isn’t something you do carelessly. Luckily, this month the goddesses of glamour are on your side—trust that if you step into the spotlight, you’ll get the applause you deserve.
There’s something changing for you right now, but you won’t see the full effects just yet. Meanwhile, beware of the grass-is-always-gayer somewhere else attitude that can keep you from noticing what’s amazing right where you are. Risk opening up to what’s right in front of you, even if it doesn’t match your fantasies of the ideal situation (or ideal partner, or ideal lover). This month rewards paying attention to what is working, what you do have, what you shouldn’t take for granted—and helps you dream into a future that can build on what you have instead of abandoning it.
As retrograde Mars moves into your sign this month you may feel like a revving engine. All the energy you’re building up is best released after the 27th, but meanwhile it’s a great time to patiently examine what you’re really after when you’re feeling riled up. Get in touch with your deepest desires and figure out how to express them in ways that are still caring and considerate of others. It’s a balancing act, but you’ve got the skills and the wisdom to pull it off.
This month brings the end of a year-long cycle of change and growth—particularly around your relationships. You’ve learned a lot about what kinds of commitment you want—and how free you need to feel in those commitments.Take some time to marvel at how much you have learned, and if there are any lingering things to resolve with an ex, or with any relationships that have changed since last August, take this time to do so cleanly so you can fully move forward.
This month is like a cosmic reset button for you, giving you a great chance to start new habits. Something that was previously hard for you in relationships is starting to feel effortless—that may be holding your own instead of giving in, taking space when you need it, or letting go of anxieties that aren’t serving you. All you need to do right now is practice these newfound skills and notice how good it feels to be able to connect to someone without losing yourself. And it’s okay if you slip up sometimes, you’ll be able to get back to center if you try!
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