What Happens When You Can’t Fit Into Any Grindr Tribe?

Ben King has a problem. The young video producer doesn’t know which Grindr tribe he fits into, and needs the assistance of Grindr employees to help him. But he doesn’t want a filtered answer, so he takes the step of showing them his photo anonymously — mixed in with plenty of other guys’ pictures.

Does he figure out his Grindr tribe? Not exactly. But he gets information far more compelling along the way.

What makes finding your tribe especially tough is that there are so many. Surely one should fit for you, no? Surely one is the glass slipper awaiting every Cinderella who logs on to the app?

But as many as there are, not everyone fits into one — or, rather, just one. As Ben finds out in his journey, sometimes you sit just outside of multiple tribes, with different parts of you filling different roles. As video producer Shane Whitaker notes, “There isn’t a clear slot” for Ben.

The journey’s not over for Ben, nor should it be for those who don’t quite find a place for themselves on the list of tribes on Grindr. “I may not have found my Grindr tribe,” Ben says at the end of the piece, “but I’m gonna keep looking.”

Watch the full video below.

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