What’s the Difference Between Physical & Emotional Cheating?

Sup, sluts.

On this week’s episode of Food 4 Thot we are *LIVE* and in color at Buzzfeed HQ chatting about one of our favorite topics: cheating. Being loyal or open with your partner is a hot topic in queer relationships, but a lot of grey areas and miscommunication leave many discussion points open. When is cheating okay? (Or is it ever?) Is physical cheating better or worse than emotional cheating? Why do folks conflate polyamory with infidelity so much?

In our advice segment, we open up a question on how to get our rocks off with with folx who are dumb as rocks. Plus, we dive deep into Roseanne, Bit-yoncé Gate, pool floaties, and *shudder* toe rings.

For the full discussion, tune in!


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