5 TikToks That Will Tell You How to Actually Wash Your Face

TikTok is a boundless wealth of information, and honestly, thank God for that. Before Google, before WikiHow, before the Internet, we were all stumbling blindly through a world full of mundane challenges we had no idea how to reckon with.

And then along came TikTok, a beautiful, (mostly) judgment-free space that tells you how to do the things you’re too embarrassed to admit you still don’t know how to do, like check your oil or properly use airplane pillows. To be 100% honest, I still have no idea how to check my oil. But thanks to TikTok, I do know how to wash my face. And now, you can, too! Here’s what I’ve learned from the many board-certified derms (and just cool people who know what they’re doing) on TikTok:

Step 1: Pre-Cleanse

Now this isn’t always a necessary step, but if you’re wearing sunscreen, makeup, or anything else that probably won’t get washed off with just one cleanse, it’s usually a good idea to go in with a cleansing balm or a micellar water first. This ensures that you actually get everything off your skin without leaving behind any grime or makeup residue.

Step 2: Emulsify

It’s tempting to just squeeze out a pea-sized amount of cleanser and go to town, but wait: skincare experts insist that you take a moment to rub the cleanser between your palms with a bit of water to make sure it emulsifies correctly. Why is this important? First of all it helps make sure you have an even spread so that some areas don’t get harshly targeted while others are left untouched. Secondly, it makes sure the cleanser actually works. Lather is what cleans, folks! Never forget it!


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Step 3: Use Lukewarm Water

We’ve all been taught (for some reason) that hot water is the best for cleaning. But much like with laundry, it actually doesn’t help that much: and your face, unlike your laundry, is in danger of being dried out if the water is too hot. So aim for a nice in-between temp and your skin will thank you.

Step 4: Be Gentle

Remember, your skin is a delicate, living, breathing organism. Be kind to it! You don’t have to fiercely rub or use a lot of friction when washing your face. Just a gentle glide across the face is all you need. If you feel you’re in need of a bit more exfoliation, you can either follow up your cleanse with a chemical exfoliant (just be sure to use moisturizer and the appropriate sun protection afterward) or use a cleansing brush like a Foreo (or any of the MUCH cheaper alternatives out there.)

Step 5: Be Thorough!

It’s tempting to want to get your face cleansing out of the way, I get it: but taking that extra time will definitely help in the long run. Don’t forget to wash in those acne-prone spots like near the hairline, under the chin, and the neck. When drying your face, you can use a washcloth or air dry. It’s up to you! Just remember to be gentle.

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