A Famous TERF Got a Weird, Wet Surprise on Tour and Twitter is Cackling

Over the weekend, a group of New Zealand protestors enjoyed the satisfying privilege of chucking tomato soup in the face of anti-trans pundit Posie Parker, otherwise known as Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull.

The famous TERF has been trying out her anti-trans rhetoric on a wider audience during a March tour of Australia and New Zealand. However, the fact that literal neo-Nazis saw fit to join Keen-Minshull’s side wasn’t exactly a helpful endorsement. In both Australia and New Zealand, people were simply not having it. Because, as we’re quickly learning, the vast majority of people just don’t care that trans people are out here living our lives. Most people are content to mind their own business.

But not these two!

Famed TERF Graham Linehan posted a selfie with Keen-Minshell on Twitter this morning, proclaiming that “when you come at the Queen, you better not miss.” There’s just one problem: in New Zealand, they didn’t miss. Protestors 100% hit Keen-Minshell with what appears to be tomato soup.

And it was glorious.

The even funnier thing—apart from Keen-Minchell’s need to wear clothing that loudly proclaims her gender—is the fact that these two are very recent allies. Not so long ago, Keen-Minchell was calling out Linehan for saying that there were some “good” trans folks out there.

But I guess that’s all water under the transphobic bridge now.

The message is clear: if you mess with us, we will throw soup on your weird clothing.

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