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A gay man called out JK Rowling’s transphobia. Her fans buried him in homophobic slurs

It seems almost baffling that not so long ago, in a universe quite similar to our own, JK Rowling was considered a friend of the gays. This was before the “Harry Potter” creator outed herself as a TERF, of course—back then, queer people were content to find parallels to their own stories of outsiderhood in the fable of the orphaned boy wizard and his misfit friends.

But oh, how the tables have turned, and turned for the worse. Since that time, Rowling has made ignorant, hateful comments about trans women, misgendered trans activists and accused them of horrible things, and even started a trans-exclusionary therapy service seemingly out of sheer transmisogynistic spite.

And as trans people are always saying, scratch a transphobe and you’ll find a plain ol’ bigot underneath: no matter what your feelings are about gay Dumbledore, it’s impossible to ignore, at this point, the hatred Rowling and her fans still harbor toward trans folks and the LGBTQ+ community at large.

Take, for instance, what happened the other day. When a gay man called Rowling out on her latest transmisogynistic BS, her fans showed up in full force to hurl every slur in the book at him.

All Sam did was point out that mocking trans people isn’t a great look, which it isn’t! Then the abuse started.

“Gender critical” feminists, or GCs, have been dying on the anti-trans hill for quite some time now. But it seems they’ve pivoted to just being straight-up anti-gay bigots at this point.

When he informed Rowling of her fans’ hideous behavior, the writer promptly blocked him.

If anyone still, in the year 2024, didn’t think that all our struggles in this community are connected, think again.

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