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A Kiss Member Just Went on an Anti-Trans Rant and the Hypocrisy is Stunning

For a dude who once played in a band called “Rainbow,” Kiss member Paul Stanley is NOT being very LGBTQ-friendly these days.

In a post from the weekend, Stanley—who spent the better part of his career wearing genderf*ck glam rock makeup—called trans-affirming care for kids a “sad and dangerous fad.” Commenters were quite swift in pointing out the hypocrisy.

And now Dee Snyder is jumping on the band wagon.

But halt! There are layers to this. Not only is it divinely silly that Stanley is logging onto Twitter to blast out his views on something he has no authority on and no real stake in instead of spending his afternoon rewatching the glam rock masterpiece that is Velvet Goldmine, it’s also quite something considering that Stanley came up with the title for the Gene Simmons-penned Kiss song “Christine Sixteen,” about an adult man lusting after a 16-year-old girl.

Extremely sad to say, but increasingly with people who equate trans-affirming care with child grooming, it seems like the “whoever smelt it dealt it” rules apply.

But perhaps this commenter said it best: “you’re punching down from a ladder of ignorance, the opposite of rock n’ roll.”

Not very rock n’ roll of you at all, Paul Stanley.

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