Try Again

A right-wing pundit thinks he “defeated Pride” with this post. The Internet disagrees.

A right wing pundit celebrated his engagement by disparaging Pride month, and his post got engagement of an entirely different kind. The internet is now ruthlessly dragging him for making a once-in-a-lifetime moment between him and his fiancée all about his obsession with the queer community.

On Sunday, former Newsmax reporter and One America Network host Addison Smith posted a photo to X (formerly Twitter) of himself down on one knee, proposing. “Pride month is so defeated,” was all he wrote in the caption. His fiancée reshared the post, writing, “Make June great again.”

The post quickly went viral. But if Smith intended to bait the queer community into pearl-clutching outrage, what he got was searing ridicule instead.

Most users pointed out the obvious: why would anyone, no matter their political alignments, make an engagement announcement about a group of people they don’t like?

For some, the call was coming from inside the closet.

And there were much classier souls than the rest of us who took the high road.

The following day, after an endless stream of ridicule, Smith claimed that somehow he’d gotten exactly what he wanted. “Just when we thought our engagement weekend couldn’t get any better, we triggered an entire army of libs in the process,” he told the Daily Mail. “We can’t think of a better way to cap off Pride month.”

But in the end, one response really says it all: “If you’re a straight man and your first thought on proposing to a woman is about Pride, Pride won baby.”

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