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About That Bosco Tweet…

As Twitter goes down the hole, there’s no time like the present to bring out the anal discourse. And who better to kick things off than a drag sensation like Bosco.

During an impressive run on season 14 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Bosco demonstrated that she was no stranger to the occasional record-scratch comment. But these days, she is not content with roasting Ross Matthews—she’s roasting tops and bottoms across the world.

On Tuesday, the Seattle-based drag queen tweeted out: “I think we as a 🏳️‍🌈community🏳️‍🌈 are lying about how much we enjoy anal.” The tweet soon went viral, apparently because it struck a nerve (or several, repeatedly).

There were some whose reading of the tweet was telling, to say the least. “Because we don’t enjoy it, we LOVE it,” Daya Betty responded.

Others took the opportunity to commiserate on prep work and pain. “Girl that shit hurts,” said Kandy Muse.

For some, the tweet sparked serious discussion about the communal expectations around anal.

One way or another, Bosco’s words had everyone picking sides—literally, in some cases. For the uninitiated, “side” refers to someone who prefers not to have penetrative anal sex. It is used in conjunction with terms like top, bottom, and vers. You can even combine terms, eg “side-vers,” to describe liking anal sometimes but not always.

The term has become so popular that Grindr added side to its list of positions earlier this year. And with stars like Bosco giving sides a voice, we might just be heading into a brave new era where there’s more to gay identity than top, bottom, or vers.

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