Ada Vox Sent Home on ‘American Idol,’ Some Fans Cry Homophobia

America has spokenand drag queen Ada Vox will not be continuing on American Idol.

This week’s American Idol was Disney-themed and despite a great performance of “Circle of LIfe” from The Lion King, America came to finish the job that Katy Perry and judges delayed a week ago when they saved Ada from elimination.

Viewers thinned the pack of ten down to a pack of seven, and they didn’t believe that Ada Vox deserved her spot.

“Although America might not be ready for people like those of us who are a little bit different,” Vox said to the Huffington Post, “I think it’s very important that our talents be recognized.”

Vox, whose non-drag name is Adam Sanders, was the first drag queen to advance to Idol’s top 10. Some Idol fans were not happy to see Vox go. A lot of fans chalked Vox’s elimination up to good ole homophobia.

You can watch Ada Vox’s swan song performance below.

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