Awash in Stupidity

Apparently everyone in Trump’s cabinet was tweaked out on uppers

A new bombshell report from Rolling Stone confirms what most people with eyeballs already knew: that Trump and Co. were on hella drugs the whole time they were in office.

Now again…who can possibly be surprised by this news? No one. But makes quite a bit of sense in retrospect. A January report from the White House Medical Unit revealed widespread use in the Trump cabinet of a stimulant called modafinil, which is traditionally used to help military flyers stay awake and focused during grueling night missions. But that’s not how the MAGA brigade used it!

After interviewing a number of senior staffers who served in the Trump administration, it would seem that the popular upper was being handed out basically like candy, and for no apparent reason other than to help workers push through long nights and tight deadlines.

“The stimulant was routinely given to staffers who needed an energy boost after a late night, or just a pick-me-up to handle another day at a uniquely stressful job,” the exposé explains. “As one of the former officials tells Rolling Stone, the White House at that time was “awash in speed.”

It wasn’t just modafinil that made a frequent appearance in the Trump white house. According to the Rolling Stone report, Xanax was also a popular drug of choice in the Trump cabinet. “Two people with direct knowledge of the situation recall senior officials getting Xanax from the White House Medical Unit,” the story explains, “and sharing it with colleagues.”

So basically the Trump White House was exactly like Wolf of Wall Street but with fewer quaaludes. But we kind of already knew this, didn’t we?

Nonetheless, it begs the question: why are we as a nation so pressed over a bag of cocaine when the entire Trump administration was recreating its own version of How High?

As one commenter pointed out, this isn’t so far off from the fascist MO of the past…

But there’s really only one question worth asking at this point. Will this information actually matter to Trump’s insane fan base? Probably not.

One thing is for certain: it’s going to take more than another Hunter Biden scandal to memory-hole this whole situation.

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