Rep. Robert Garcia calls for more “radical homosexuals” in Congress

Out-gay Rep. Robert Garcia has said that Congress would probably work better if it had a few more “radical homosexuals”.

He was responding—possibly a little light-heartedly—to a tweet from an anonymous user complaining that it was “radical homosexuals”, such as Garcia, that “controlled” Congress.

Garcia, a Democrat from California, sits on both the Homeland Security and the Oversight Committees. He’s among the lawmakers who sat through Hunter Biden’s deposition last week.

Garcia was quick to voice the opinion that Republicans had no evidence to connect President Joe Biden to criminal activity.

In a speech on the House floor on Thursday, Garcia said, “Yesterday I sat in on the Hunter Biden deposition for hours. Republicans once again…provided zero evidence, failing to show any sort of link between Hunter Biden and the president. No links between those business dealings. This entire case is a political stunt and a joke. Donald Trump ordered House Republicans to smear President Biden; they tried and tried and tried and failed.”

Garcia spoke whilst standing next to a blown-up photo of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. He suggested Kushner should be investigated, rather than Hunter Biden. Kushner controversially received $2 billion in funding from Saudi Arabia shortly after Donald Trump left the White House.

Garcia repeated his viewpoint in interviews with the media. His consistent criticism of Republicans and Trump has irked MAGA diehards.

Garcia, who was elected in 2022, laughed off the latest criticism. He said, “Congress would actually be better with more radical homosexuals.”

Online, many couldn’t help but agree.

Since winning office, Garcia has demonstrated a sassy approach to social media. Days after his election victory, he went viral with a tweet warning GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of his impending arrival.

It was a reposting of a TikTok video of NeNe Leakes (who found fame on The Real Housewives of Atlanta) sashaying in a pair of towering high heels. Garcia said, “As a reminder this will be me when I walk by Marjorie Taylor Greene in the Capitol next week at orientation.”

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