Double-O deluded

Donald Trump compares himself to James Bond and the internet has thoughts

Not a weekend seems to go by without some mass gathering or tacky celebration taking place at Donald Trump’s Florida mansion, Mar-A-Lago. Often these are fundraisers for Trump himself. Guests find themselves subjected to speeches or videos attacking Joe Biden or hyping up the former President.

Attendees at recent events spotted a screen displaying a graphic. It features the James Bond ‘barrel of a gun’/spiral image synonymous with the movie’s opening credits. The wording says ‘007 saved England, 0047 will save America’, alongside a silhouette of Donald Trump.

When shots of the screen popped up online, many mocked the display of hubris.

The comparison between Trump and James Bond comes a couple of weeks after Donald Trump sought validation that he looked like Elvis Presley.

On Truth Social, Trump shared an image that placed Elvis’s face alongside his own.

“For so many years people have been saying that Elvis and I look alike,” Trump posted. “Now this pic has been going all over the place. What do you think?”

That comparison also prompted much internet mockery.

Mounting legal fees and liabilities

It looks like the former President will continue to hold fundraisers at Mar-A-Lago for some time to come. On Friday he was ordered to pay almost $355 million in penalties in his civil trial fraud case in Manhattan. A court previously found him guilty of over-inflating the prices of his properties to obtain bigger loans. This comes just weeks after a judge ordered Trumo to pay writer E. Jean Carroll $83 million in defamation damages.

This weekend, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen said Trump’s mounting legal fees render him unfit to serve as President.

“We need to be very careful about him as a potential president because he is for sale,” Cohen said on MSNBC’s The Weekend.

“He needs to figure out where he is going to raise $500-plus million over a short period of time,” he continued.

MSNBC host Symone Sanders-Townsend suggested Trump “is open to the highest bidder at this point” suggesting “the Saudis, the Russians,” as options.

“Thoroughly compromised, yes,” Cohen agreed.

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