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People are losing their minds over these AI photos of a Bible-thumping Donald Trump

Quick: what has three legs, six fingers, and is currently on fire? Onetime President Donald J. Trump, according to AI.

A new series of auto-generated images show the famously pious and devout Trump on his knees in church…but there’s only one thing wrong. The image shows Trump praying with a six-fingered hand.

Naturally, everyone’s cackling about it, especially upon learning that the reason Trump’s team needed to recruit AI for the task is that regular pictures of Trump praying in church can’t be found. Honestly, it makes perfect sense: if Trump so much as entered a church, it’s entirely possible that the holy water would freeze up, the foundations would start to crumble, and twink Jesus would come up off that cross to tell that man to get out of his house.

So these absurd images will have to suffice. And it gets even better: apparently Trump’s team, unsatisfied with the first image, went back to the AI drawing board to come up with some even more Satanic images to gift to his followers.

Now folks are getting even more creative with their own AI prompts…

The jokes write themselves.

In the words of Carmine Lupertazzi Jr., the sacred and the propane.

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