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Baby Tate’s “Hey Mickey!” Video is a Campy Celebration of Queer Love

It’s official: with the release of Baby Tate’s “Hey Mickey!” video, the golden age of the music video is back. Not that everyone else hasn’t been pulling their weight: SZA and Doja Cat’s recent offerings have been keeping us on life support for the longest time. And obviously we’re still waiting on those “Renaissance” visuals…

But what Baby Tate and Saweetie have done with “Hey Mickey!”, Tate’s viral 2016 hit, has truly set the bar for the rest of the summer. It’s not just Barbie-core, it’s Stepford Wives-core, with a very queer twist.

Borrowing the beat from the infamous 1981 Toni Basil single, Atlanta rapper Baby Tate remixes the classic earworm by adding in some lyrics of her own, all while staying true to the original’s cheerleaders-on-MDMA vibe.

“Hey Mickey” is a deconstructionist fantasy that plays on 50s suburban stereotypes to tell a story of female desire, friendship, and queer love. When Baby Tate finds a man she’s ready to settle down with, it comes as a surprise to him smoochin’ a guy a the club. But instead of being turned off, she’s into it. Like, way into it.

It also doesn’t hurt that Saweetie, the icy gal herself, shows up in an incredible starfish getup that is maybe one of the finest looks of the season. And summer hasn’t even started yet.

This is the update to “Mickey” the gays desperately needed.

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