Bye, Cheddar "Bey" Biscuits

Beyoncé fans are upset that they can’t do this anymore at Red Lobster

With Red Lobster closing most of its restaurants, Beyoncé fans are in mourning.

It’s been a sad week for seafood lovers, as Red Lobster filed for bankruptcy. The United States’ largest seafood chain has shuttered numerous restaurants, with almost 580 locations remaining throughout the US and Canada. Red Lobster plans to sell “substantially all of its assets” due to “a difficult macroeconomic environment, a bloated and underperforming restaurant footprint, failed or ill-advised strategic initiatives, and increased competition within the restaurant industry,” as detailed in court documents written by CEO Jonathan Tibus.

While Red Lobster is the US’ largest seafood chain, it was not immune to rising inflation, pandemic financial losses, and and an Ultimate Endless Shrimp deal that caused an $11M loss. But why is the BeyHive sounding off on the seafood chain’s bankruptcy? Well, it’s all thanks to Queen Bey’s song “Formation.”

Beyoncé’s smash hit “Formation,” from her magnum opus Lemonade, was a celebration of Black Southern culture, Black women, and Bey’s success in the music industry. The music video was just as influential, capturing the Black Lives Matter movement, calling out police brutality inflicted on Black people, and highlighting Black pride. However, Beyoncé probably didn’t expect her song’s lyrics to start a movement that celebrates Red Lobster.

In “Formation,” the Bey sings, “When he f*** me good, I take his a** to Red Lobster, ’cause I slay.” The lyrics sent the BeyHive into a frenzy and prompted them to pressure Red Lobster to respond to the moment. When the chain did respond by renaming their complimentary appetizer “Cheddar Bey Biscuits,” fans weren’t impressed, but Red Lobster did see a 33% increase in sales the weekend “Formation” was released.

A win is a win, but now, the BeyHive is wrestling with Red Lobster’s bankruptcy and trying to figure out where to take their lovers after a good lay. X user @EwdatsGross tweeted “Where am I supposed to take him now Beyoncé,” fans chimed in.

Well, if you’re still in the mood for seafood, there are still seafood chains that might get the job done. Maybe Long John Silver’s?

Or maybe Chili’s will suffice, but that’s only if you’re trading fish for baby back ribs

Maybe it’s time for burgers to shine instead. Red Robin anyone?

Or maybe Bey needs to lead with a Texas-inspired chain like Texas Roadhouse. Even though the popular steakhouse franchise was founded in Indiana, maybe the Texas’ most famous entertainer could give them a shoutout.

While Red Lobster’s fate is uncertain, Beyoncé’s “Formation” continues to stand the test of time.

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