Britney Spears Definitely Forgot Andy Cohen’s Name On Stage

During the Britney Spears concert in NYC on Tuesday night, Andy Cohen was the “selected audience member” to come on stage and be a part of her performance of “Freakshow.” Spears did a little skit with her dancers where she pretended to be looking for an audience member and then “found” Cohen.

During the performance, Cohen put on a harness and leash and was walked while on all fours — I’m sure that part is really doing it for some of you, but my favorite part is at the end of the performance, when it really seems like Britney has no idea who Andy Cohen is.

“I think you all know who this is. Give it up for him!” she said after the song ended. Her dancers then bring out a shirt for her to sign and there is nothing indicating that she thinks of him as anything other than a random fan. She even awkwardly says things like “awesome, cool, thank you,” as she gestures him off the stage.

You can watch the video of the performance below, but if you want to get to the good awkward parts, skip to around three minutes in.

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