Charles Melton stuns, gags, and amazes in sexy Juergen Teller photos

Legendary fashion photographer Juergen Teller is a certified weirdo, and sometimes that’s exactly what’s needed to create the weirdest photo op you’ve ever seen. Who could forget Kate Moss’s seemingly severed head, or Bjork eating kelp noodles? That’s right, no one. And while many have tried to walk in the big man’s shoes—Terry Richardson, we’re looking at you—none can even come close.

Which is why W decided to employ the master of overexposure for their latest issue. The theme is Oscar Bait, specifically those performances that had the girls absolutely gagging: we’re talking about Greta Lee in Past Lives, Natalie Portman in May December, and Ryan Gosling’s Ken-tastic turn in Barbie. And in true Teller fashion, these stars are placed in some unlikely settings. Basically, the concept was “let’s walk down Hollywood Boulevard,” which is exactly what these stars did. We get to see Colman Domingo kissing a lobster against a brick wall, Greta Lee in front of El Capitan, and Robert Downey Jr. popping out of a bush—which is not creepy at all!

But perhaps best of all, we get breakout May December star Charles Melton just chilling in a white tank and black blazer, for some reason holding a bouquet of broccoli in front of a picture of Marilyn Monroe at Grauman’s.

Now as many a commenter has commented, you have to be truly Greek God-level hot to look good in these photos, and Melton meets the challenge perfectly.

How is one man this beautiful?

He really is holding that broccoli.

Give this man an Oscar, stat!

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