This new Matt Damon-Ben Affleck development is just too juicy

· Updated on January 4, 2024

We all know about the great love story that is the saga of Matt and Ben. The two young men lived together, saw each other’s dicks, and made an Academy Award-winning piece of trash together. And now, things just might be heating up between the two married, completely straight bros.

At least, that’s what I and many of my Internet colleagues are choosing to believe after seeing a perfectly-captioned photo make the rounds on Twitter.

It all started when Page Six bravely reported that Ben Affleck “begrudgingly” took JLo’s photo after a lover’s spat during their St. Barts vacation. As usual, Affleck, a Massachusetts man through and through, is looking disturbed to be in such beautiful weather. Where’s the snow? Where’s the Dunkin’? Nowhere to be found, my friend.

Thankfully, Matt Damon came to his friend’s rescue. Once the couple were safely back home, Damon reportedly made repeated trips to visit/console his friend after his traumatic island vacation.

…without his wedding ring.

Sure, it could mean nothing…but where’s the fun in that? We’d like to imagine instead that it means everything. A fight on a vacation? Matt Damon conveniently not wearing a wedding ring? Clearly this is intrigue of the highest caliber!

Does it mean nothing…or does it mean true love?

The deep lore is that we all wish they were secretly, desperately in love.

There will always be room for this ship in our aging hearts.

I’ll just leave this here…

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