Horny Hobbies

Gays are asking: what’s the hottest hobby a guy can have?

There are so many things that go into the alchemy of attraction. How does a guy look? What does he smell like? How many times has he listened to “Judy at Carnegie Hall,” and can he quote Tennessee Williams by heart?

But enough about my kinks: we’re here to talk about hot hobbies. On Reddit, the gays are asking: what’s the sexiest thing a guy can do in his spare time, one that has nothing to do with sex?

As you can probably guess, the answers were quite varied, and ranged from pottery to gardening to naked wrestling (natch.) But the overall gist was perhaps best summed up by a user who explained that “continuous learning (whether it be books, articles, journals, courses, seminars, language classes online, local hobby club, or via immersion abroad)” is the hottest hobby. He went on, saying: “If you are a knowledge seeker you are hot. As a physician I’m constantly learning new things all the time. I think a curious mind is super hot.”

Others were slightly more practical. “House work,” wrote one poster. “I’d blow a guy all day if he’d clean my house.” Some users preferred hobbies that involved a sexy outfit, such as team sports.

“Anything in the realm of crafts, art, playing instruments, plants, or cooking,” wrote another user. “My boyfriend knows a lot of obscure stuff about wool and textiles and vintage fashion, and I love how excited he gets about it. he also collects fragrances and gets really into how they are made.”

Niche hobbies can definitely be hot, especially if they have a practical application. But many expressed a desire for partners who enjoyed outdoor activities that made them “sweaty” and “smelling like him.” Dismantling and rebuilding classic cars was also a favorite.

But no one put it as succinctly and colorfully as one poster who wrote, in a magnificent mic drop moment, “Building scale models of medieval cathedrals from cocktail sticks always gives me a raging boner.”

There you have it, folks. Whether it’s making cocktail stick art or learning about vintage perfumes, get yourself a hobby. It’s hot.

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