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Conservatives are learning a hard lesson about ancient Greece

To those who yearn for simpler times, back before “wokeness” and “the gays” ruined everything, a bygone civilization like ancient Greece might seem like an example of the perfect society. Back then, men were rugged and masculine, and heterosexuality reigned supreme — except it very much didn’t, and conservatives are learning it the hard way.

The history lesson began when the popular conservative account End Wokeness complained about Netflix’s new docuseries about Greek warrior king Alexander the Great, Alexander: The Making of a God. On X, formerly Twitter, End Wokeness posted a clip from the show in which Alexander is seen kissing another man as an expert explains the nuances of ancient Greek sexuality.

“Netflix made a new documentary about Alexander The Great. Within the first 8 minutes, they turned him gay,” End Wokeness wrote.

The thing is, Netflix didn’t do anything to Alexander. Even among the ancient Greeks (who were well known for their homosexual behavior), he’s regarded as particularly gay, having sexual relationships with men beyond a socially acceptable age.

That’s not a fact End Wokeness was ready to accept, though. Even a fellow conservative account gently pointed out their misunderstanding, writing, “I hate wokeness, but hear me out: there’s a good chance he was at least bisexual because, well, that was kind of the Greek thing to do.”

It’s a perfectly reasonable response, to which End Wokeness replied, “It’s still unproven speculation and should definitely not be shoved into the first 8 minutes.”

In reality, it was proven, by both modern and ancient historians. Though Alexander might not have been quote-unquote gay by modern standards, the fact that he was intimate with other men isn’t up for debate.

Still, End Wokeness wasn’t alone in their delusion. Plenty of other conservatives in their replies complained about the liberal agenda defaming their favorite war hero.

That’s where the rest of the internet came in to teach End Wokeness and their followers a history lesson — with a dash of humor, of course.

There you have it: Netflix’s take is totally historically accurate, not that facts and logic will stop conservatives’ complaints. The more you know.

Alexander: The Making of a God is now streaming on Netflix. Check out the trailer below.

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