Here’s how to tell if your crush is gay

Having a crush can be fun—but it can also be fairly nerve-racking. How do you know if they’re into you, or view you as a pest? How can you tell if they want to spend more time with you? And perhaps most importantly—how do you even know they’re gay?

Thankfully, TikToker @poppylaur is here to help. As always, she’s coming through with the wisdom, the knowledge, and the know-how that we need to live our best gay lives. Whether she’s schooling us on strap-ons or explaining how gay babies are born, she usually steers us in the right direction.


the easiest way to find out if someone is 🌈 like you #wlw #sapphic #girlslikegirls

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“If you want to know if someone is fruity or not,” she explains in a recent TikTok, “this is literally the easiest and fastest way.”

Step one? Let them know that you’re gay. There are many ways—for instance, you could do what I do and start every sentence with “as a gay, homosexual transsexual transvestite from Transylvia,” or you could go the subtler route. Since Poppy makes most of her content for sapphics, this might be the perfect opportunity for femme flagging. But you can be as subtle or un-subtle as you like, it’s up to you.”

“When someone comes out to me,” Poppy explains, “you can bet your bottom dollar I’m immediately telling them what a massive girl kisser I am.”

According to Poppy, the easiest way to gauge someone else’s fruitiness is to let your own fruit flag fly. “They will be so excited to have found another fruity person,” she explains.

It’s a great first step: and from there, who knows? Maybe romance will blossom…

“Oh I know she’s frutie,” one commenter wrote. “I need to know if she is frutie for me or not.”

But that, friends, is a topic for another day.

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