Viral video explains what prompts some babies to be born gay

A comic video has gone viral and prompted some hilarious replies. If you ever saw the classic holiday movie, It’s A Wonderful Life (1946), you might remember a character warning the lead that “Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings.”

In a similar vein, Instagrammer and TikTokker PoppyLaur (aka Lauren) has gone viral with a clip in which she explains how gay people are born.

She says it’s similar to how “When a baby laughs, a fairy is born.”

A gay person can be born, she continues, “When two enemies kiss on the mouth.”

“When two best friends love each other.”

“When a woman over 45 wears a suit.”

Or “When an all-girls youth softball team wins a tournament.”

The suggestions embrace some beloved icons.

“Every time Cate Blanchett opens her mouth and every time Chappell Roan blinks her eyes.”

@poppylaur I think I forgot some— tell me the other ways that 🌈 people are born in the comments that I missed! #wlw #girlslikegirls #sapphic #cateblanchett #chappellroan ♬ BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S – Cavendish

The suggestions became more fantastical.

“Every time a woman holds a sword or rides a horse. It’s twins if she’s riding a horse and holding a sword.”

She ends by saying that “every time me and my girlfriend kiss or hug each other or love each other” another gay person is born.

She then invites other gay people to offer their own suggestions.

Among the most well-liked are:

  • “When someone made 2 Barbies kiss.”
  • “My mom ate Skittles when she was pregnant with me.”
  • “Every time a woman fixes a car.”
  • “Choosing Rosalina in Mario Kart.”
  • “Every time Renee Rapp calls someone baby.”

Lauren, who is based in Los Angeles, has gained over 400,000 followers on TikTok with her comic videos, but she sometimes posts more serious thoughts. Here she is explaining why Pride Month is still so important.

@poppylaur happy pride, cuties!! tell me why pride is important to you in the comments!! #wlw #sapphic #girlslikegirls #pride2024 ♬ Good Luck Babe – relatetomusic

And here’s a cute video of her with her girlfriend that’s had over 4million views.

@poppylaur truly two different types of grannies #wlw #wlwcouple #sapphic #girlslikegirls #lesbianapocolypse #femmelesbian #lesbianpride ♬ original sound – POPPYLAUR⚢

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