Mystery Man

This TikToker’s hunt for his “subway husband” has us on the edge of our seats

A real-life rom-com is unfolding on TikTok, and the internet is obsessed.

The saga began at the end of June, when TikToker Thomy (@shutupthomy) was capturing his outfit of the day as a train pulled into the subway station behind him. One of that train’s passengers noticed Thomy, and without missing a beat, he decided to join the video.

The stranger walked right in front of Thomy, showed off his own outfit, then gave Thomy a hug (with a hand on Thomy’s lower back, mind you). With that, he wandered off, potentially never to be seen again.

But Thomy’s comments section wasn’t about to let such a perfect meet-cute go to waste. People couldn’t get over the palpable sparks coming from Thomy and the stranger’s hug: “I’d ask WHAT ARE WE,” one commenter wrote.

“THE LINGERING HAND,” raved another. “Who is he?!”

“If someone ever hugged me like that we’d both walk in the same direction wherever they go cause I’m with you now,” declared a third.

Thomy replied to several of the comments, including one reading, “Such a cute interaction, he’s fineeee as well.” To that, Thomy wrote, “Husband material for sure.”

Amid all the cuteness overload, some folks were urging Thomy to spring into action and find his mystery man. “Get married NNNEEEEEOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!” one commenter wrote. Tinder itself even chimed in, writing, “go get ur man.”

Thomy didn’t take much convincing. Since that chance meeting, he’s posed in the subway in the same spot at the same time every day, as he confirmed in one video’s comments — and, just for the record, his outfits are undeniably fabulous every time. His next fit check came with the caption, “POV: You are trying to find your subway husband (again).”


For those wondering he shouted “PERIOD” two times ihihih 🫢❤️‍🔥 #subwayfashion #fashiontok #fairy #pirate #fyp #viral

♬ original sound – ♬

I hope the person that complimented me today sees this because she was so cute and beautiful i wanted to hug her 🥺🥺 #fyp #viral #subway #fashiontok

♬ Blame It On the Boogie (John Luongo Disco Mix) – The Jacksons

There’s been no luck yet, but with enough time, Thomy’s viewers are hoping he and his subway husband will find each other again — or that if Thomy’s videos get viral enough, the two can reconnect that way instead.

“I wait every day with you,” one fan commented. “One day my FYP will have this happy ending.” To quote an ancient proverb, c’mon TikTok, do your thing!

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