Burning Questions

Homophobes have a hilariously stupid question about Heartstopper’s new season

There’s a question that’s as old as time, a song that’s as old as rhyme. We gays hear it at the start of each July, as straight people angry that they too don’t get a WHOLE MONTH to celebrate THEIR identities try to tell us off.

What question, you ask? What exactly do straight people want to know? The question “didn’t the gay month was over .?” of course!

Wait a minute…you’re telling me you’ve never been asked if “didn’t the gay month was over .?” Well that puts you in the minority pal, because over here it’s a well-established turn of phrase.

“Didn’t the gay month was over .?” It’s the question on everyone’s lips. If only we knew what, exactly, it was asking, maybe we’d have a fighting chance of responding.

Where do we go when we die? Is God real? Will there be flying cars in the future? All these questions are dwarfed by the looming shadow of what may be the greatest philosophical query of our age: didn’t the gay month was over .?

The phrase has already been given meme treatment, and honestly Thank God.

“This is my favorite song “Didn’t the gay month was over .?”, one X user commented. “It’s the “.?” for me,” another user pointed out. It’s true: there’s something about the bizarre syntax combined with the confusing period-question mark combo that makes it deeply hilarious.

It’s making the gays nostalgic for another amazingly-phrased question, the immortal “does Bruno Mars is gay?” (the jury is still out on that one, folks.)

Perhaps we’ll never know the answers to these time-honored, searching questions. But one thing is for sure: we can and will be watching Heartstopper Season 3, even if the gay month do be over.

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